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Egg, chives and black plate look like sperm competition
FeaturedTrying to conceive

Would-be parents often ask if there is anything they can do to get sperm into tip-top condition. Here, top sperm expert Allan Pacey, Professor of Andrology at the University of Sheffield, gives his top ten suggestions to encourage your man to produce the best he can: Stop him smoking It’s

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Relationship Difficulties
Trying to conceiveUnexplained infertility

Being diagnosed as infertile is often just the start of a long journey in which a couple strives to become parents. As if the diagnosis isn’t devastating enough, often the reasons given for the diagnosis are confusing and peppered with complicated medical terms. This medical jargon can just make the

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Girl lies on the back is stressed out to put on favourite jeans
Trying to conceive

These days, it’s hard to look far without seeing a pair of tight or ‘skinny’ jeans. The advent of these jeans came in the 1950s, with pioneers like Elvis Presley paving the way for the new fashion fad. Since then the beacon has been taken up by celebrities ranging from

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Sperm and Ovum
Assisted conceptionFeaturedTrying to conceive

Sperm have a pretty tough time. They begin life in the testes, where – after a gruelling 74 days on the production line – they wind their way through coiled tubes to reach the prostate gland. It’s from here that sperm will be ejaculated during sex. They’re catapulted at a

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