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Assisted conceptionFeaturedTrying to conceive

We’re all exposed to stress, every day. It is a normal physiological response to challenges we face at work, in our relationships, running errands or dealing with obligations. Stress has a natural role as our protection – it prepares our bodies to react to the imminent danger by offering two

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Taking good care of future baby.
Trying to conceive

Statistics say that every sixth couple in the UK is experiencing difficulties conceiving. Now, let’s take into consideration that experts’ advice is that you see a fertility specialist only if you’ve been having unprotected sex two to three times a week for at least a year and haven’t had much

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FeaturedTrying to conceive

Some time ago, the most reliable way of determining when you’re ovulating was practicing your math skills with a calendar and a pen. Needless to say, this method is not exactly accurate and is definitely not the best way to try and maximise your chances of conceiving. Nowadays, you don’t

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Couple in consultation at IVF clinic
Assisted conceptionFeatured

In the UK, one in six couples are having difficulties conceiving and after spending a significant amount of time trying for a baby, couples are usually directed towards assisted conception treatments. If this is your case, we’d like to welcome you to our website with pointing out two things. Firstly,

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FeaturedUnexplained infertility

One of the most frequent infertility diagnosis for women is – unexplained infertility. The statistical data you can come across varies, but the numbers are usually going somewhere between 20 and 30% of couples who are trying to conceive. After trying to conceive for a reasonably long time, seeing a

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