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Sperm and Ovum
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Sperm have a pretty tough time. They begin life in the testes, where – after a gruelling 74 days on the production line – they wind their way through coiled tubes to reach the prostate gland. It’s from here that sperm will be ejaculated during sex. They’re catapulted at a

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Sleepy baby
Assisted conception

It’s something every expectant couple will spend hours milling over. Will we be having a girl or a boy? The question may spark many discussions. Names, nursery colours, finding out now vs. waiting until the birth. One thing is for sure; the mystery of it all is very exciting. For

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Couple in consultation at IVF clinic
Assisted conceptionFeatured

In the UK, one in six couples are having difficulties conceiving and after spending a significant amount of time trying for a baby, couples are usually directed towards assisted conception treatments. If this is your case, we’d like to welcome you to our website with pointing out two things. Firstly,

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