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Unexplained infertility

Andrew Sanderson tells us about his and Olivia’s fertility journey. You will be redirected to Manuava Fertility.

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Assisted conceptionTrying to conceive

Although we know a lot of people suffer from infertility, it has been difficult for experts to agree on exactly how many people are unable to naturally conceive. Infertility is sometimes defined in different ways and measured using different assumptions, so scientists are often measuring slightly different values when trying

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Chlamydia trachomatis
Trying to conceiveUnexplained infertility

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacteria called Chlamydia trachomatis. This is the most common bacterial sexual infection, with over 100 million people getting infected each year. In the last ten years, the infection rate of chlamydia has doubled in the UK. And this is not the

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Assisted conception

When undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF), there seems to be one million and one things that can influence the chance of success. The factors at play include age, specific type of infertility, the length of time a couple has been trying for a baby and the number of IVF cycles

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Glass of water and pills on table and woman with abdominal ache in background
FeaturedUnexplained infertility

Endometriosis is a disorder in which endometrial cells, like the ones covering the inside of the uterus, start growing abnormally in a location outside of the uterus. In normal conditions, endometrial cells create the lining covering the inside walls of the uterus and this lining is being shed each month

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Sad tired woman
Assisted conceptionFeaturedTrying to conceive

We’re all exposed to stress, every day. It is a normal physiological response to challenges we face at work, in our relationships, running errands or dealing with obligations. Stress has a natural role as our protection – it prepares our bodies to react to the imminent danger by offering two

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Couple in consultation at IVF clinic
Assisted conceptionFeatured

In the UK, one in six couples are having difficulties conceiving and after spending a significant amount of time trying for a baby, couples are usually directed towards assisted conception treatments. If this is your case, we’d like to welcome you to our website with pointing out two things. Firstly,

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Pregnancy test
FeaturedUnexplained infertility

One of the most frequent infertility diagnosis for women is – unexplained infertility. The statistical data you can come across varies, but the numbers are usually going somewhere between 20 and 30% of couples who are trying to conceive. After trying to conceive for a reasonably long time, seeing a

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